Tri Color Pudding

I got the idea of making this pudding when i saw the leftover Jelly in the fridge.This was made the day after Valentine's Day(although late to post!).It turned out to be really yummy.I got to know this when my hubby first finished his own share and then half of mine.Strawberries can be replaced with any other fruit of your choice.
Custard Powder-4 Tbsp
Sugar-4-5 Tbsp
Set Jelly-From half a packet
Chopped Strawberries-6-7
Full Cream-200ml
1.Prepare the custard as per the directions given on the packet.

 2.This is how it looks when cooled at room temperature.
3.Now take two glasses and make small pieces of the set jelly.

4.Pour the jelly first in the glass up to your desired height and quantity.

5.Then pour the custard and top it with cut strawberries.

6.Finally decorate it with whipped cream and a whole strawberry and keep it in fridge for 1-2 hours.

* The custard should be thick otherwise it won't set.You can add gelatin to the custard but i find it unnecessary.
*If you don't have Jelly then use crushed biscuit layer mixed with some melted butter.

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