Baked Mackerel with Potato Wedges

Today I thought of steaming fish wrapped in banana leaves. I went in search of banana leaves but fail to get it.Since I made up my mind to cook fish, how about baking some Mackerel!! So here is the recipe of baked mackerel with fried potato wedges.
For Baked Mackerel
Mackerel-450 gms (3 Nos)
Chili Powder-1/2 Tsp
Turmeric Powder-1/2 Tsp
Ginger-Garlic Paste-1 tsp
Olive Oil-1 ½ Tsp
Salt-As per taste
For Garnish:
Tomato-1 medium Size
Onion-1 Medium size
Coriander-1/4 of a bunch
Green Chillies-1 or 2
Lemon slices-2-3

Clean the fish and marinate with ½ lemon and salt. Let it sit for minimum 15-30mins.
Now add the dry powders, ginger garlic paste to the fish and mix well on both sides.
Now grease a baking dish with few drops of oil and lay the fishes on it. Garnish with coriander, chopped green chilies, tomato and onion slices and drizzle the rest of the oil on top.
Bake it in a preheated oven at 180C for 15-20mins till golden brown.
For Fried potato Wedges:
Potatoes-3 Medium Size
Olive oil-1 tsp
Butter-1/2 Tsp
Chili Flakes-1/2 Tsp
Pepper-1/2 Tsp
Salt-As per taste


Boil water in a deep pan. Add little salt to it.(say ½ tsp. It entirely depends on the amount of water being used).
Add the cut potato wedges to the boiling water and let it cook for some. They should be 80 percent cooked.
Strain the wedges and let it cool down. Do not pour cold water on it.
Heat a kadhai on medium heat and add olive oil to it.
Now add the wedges and fry for a minute.
Next add the flakes, pepper and salt .Fry for another couple of mins till they are golden brown on all sides.
Just before removing from the pan add the butter and remove from pan.

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