Badam Halwa

Yesterday night I soaked a few almonds in a bowl of water. I thought both of us (Hubby and Me!) will have it in breakfast. But neither of us had it. And frankly speaking, I’m not very fond of dry fruits. I don’t like if it’s added in Pulao and Kheer. And I was wondering what to do with the Almonds/Badam that we have received as Diwali Gift. That’s when the idea of Badam Halwa came into my mind. So here is an another recipe to satisfy my sweet tooth :-)

Almonds-1 Cup
Milk-1 cup
Sugar-3/4 Cup
Ghee-3-4 Tbsp
Cardamom Powder and Saffron is optional
Few extra almonds for garnish

    1. Blanching the almonds-Boil around 2 cups of water in a pot. Turn off the gas and add the almonds to it. Cover it up and let it get soaked for around 15-30mins.
   Now take out one by one and remove the skins. It will come out very easily.

    2. Now grind these almonds with sufficient milk to a fine smooth paste.
3.       Heat the ghee in a non stick kadhai and add the above almond mixture to it. Please note to keep the gas flame in low and keep stirring in order to avoid lumps.


4. After few mins of stirring add the remaining milk and continue stirring for a while.

5. When all the milk is absorbed add the sugar and continue mixing.
Note:Milk and Ghee can be required little more.

    6. Now the mixture will turn into brown color. You will know that the halwa is done when the mixture will take the texture of “Sooji Halwa”. This entire process of stirring needs to be done for at least 20-25mins.

     Can be served hot as well as cold!

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