Goan Fish Curry

This recipe was cooked couple of months back.I am posting this so late because my laptop was not working for a long time.As mentioned in one of my previous post, I am very much inclined to south Indian food.And this dish just stole my heart during my first visit to Goa in 2003.

Courtesy: Goan Food Recipes
Medium sized Pomfret-1
Coconut-1/2 Scrapped
Dry Kashmiri red Chillies-6/7 Nos
Ginger-A small piece
Garlic-3-4 big flakes
Onion-1 medium sized Chopped
Tomato-1 Medium sized chopped
Coriander Powder-2 Tbsp
Methi Seeds-A Pinch
Tamarind paste-2 Tbsps
Turmeric Powder-1/2 Tsp
Jeera -1 Tsp
Lemon-1/2 Cut
Refined Oil-2 Tbsps
Salt-As per taste
Hot water-For the gravy

 1.Clean the fish and marinate the fish for 30mins by sprinkling salt and lemon.
 2.Following are the ingredients.
 3.Put the above ingredients along with coconut to make a smooth paste.
 4.This is how it will look.
 5.Add oil to a heated kadhai and then add the above paste.Fry the paste till oil separates.
 6.Add enough hot water to make the gravy.How much to add to depends to one's discretion.
 7.When the gravy comes to boil add the sliced pieces of fish and let it simmer for 4-5 mins.
8.Serve with hot plain rice.

1.The amount of tamarind varies.I wanted it to be little more tangy so added 2 Tbsp otherwise 1 Tbsp is sufficient.You can add raw mango as well.
2.The red chillies will give the colour to the dish so don't worry and add the mentioned amount.
3.Scrapped coconut can be replaced with coconut milk.


  1. nice idea.. thanks for posting.

  2. Anonymous:Thanks a lot for your feedback.Would really appreciate if you post your comments with your name :-)

  3. Awesome dish! I managed to make it at home today...