I made this on Diwali.Was lying as a draft since a month.When I bought the Chakli making machine,my husband in fact asked me not to proceed with making so many chaklis and insist on buying the ready made ones.But I stood by my decision and made around 50 chaklis.And I must admit the next morning when my maid had one(Second person to taste after my hubby),she complimented me.

What's Needed:
Gram dal(split)-1 Cup
Split Urad Dal-1/2 Cup
Rice Powder-1/2 Cup
Melted Butter-3 Tbsps
Chilli Powder-1 Tbsp
Cumin/Jeera-2 Tbsps
Salt-as per taste
Oil-for Frying

How To:
1.Dry roast the chana and urad dal and let it cool.

2.Grind it to a very fine powder and sieve it once.
 3.Melt the butter.
 4.To theabove  dal flour,add chilli powder,cumin seeds,butter and rice flour.
 5.With sufficient water,knead well to make a soft dough.I used normal water at room temperature.
6.Now put little dough at a time in the chakli maker and make spirals as shown below.The size of each chakli depends on the number of spirals.
 7.Fry the chaklis in deep hot oil.
 Let it cool and then ready to be stored in the container.

1.The quantity of chana dal and rice flour varies with recipes.I have seen recipes where the ratio of rice flour to chana dal flour is 3:0.25
2.The oil used for frying should be hot enough.Keep the heat low or in medium.
3.Color can be used to give it a darker shade.


  1. It's something different from ordinary murukku. I'll try this and let you know how it came out.I always have trouble to give such beautiful shape to my murukku. How do you do that?

    1. Hi Neela. I'm glad you liked the shapes :-).I used the inside out portion of empty refined oil pack.Prepared all the chaklis on the cover of the oil pack and later transferred to the kadhai.