Strawberry Lassi

Well, on one of our trip to Hampi, we went to a very famous place to have lunch.There we ordered their famous "Coconut Lassi".I must say it taste divine.I cannot forget the taste.Since then I have become a big big fan of lassi.Then after a month on our trip to Gokarna we tasted various lassi like Mango and lime lassi,Banana Lassi,Strawberry Lassi and many more.I could say that we can experiment with lassi and i am sure all will taste good.

Yogurt-1 Cup
Ice Cubes-2 nos
Strawberry-5-6 Nos chopped

In a blender put all the ingredients together and blend in for around 30 seconds in high speed.
Pour the lassi into the glass and top it with thin strawberry slices and serve.

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