Pressure Cooker Cake

Many of my colleagues have asked me for a pressure cooker cake recipe.I was apprehensive to suggest them one since I haven't tried on my own.I remember my mom preparing the basic vanilla cake in the pressure cooker before we bought the OTG.She used to prepare jack fruit and suji (rawa) cake too.Oh!those were the days!The smell of freshly bake cake used to drive all of us crazy.While making this cake i went crazy for sand.I searched for a construction site but didn't find any.Anyhow,I am happy with my daring try and now on I can suggest this recipe for the first time users.This cake won't be as spongy as a baked one but it has got its own taste and texture.

Plain flour-1 cup
Sugar-1 cup
Vanilla Essence-1 Tbsp

1.Grease an aluminium cake tin with butter or oil.Since my pressure cooker was small I could not used any of my cake tins and hence used a steel one.
2.Beat the three eggs till they are fluffy and pale in color.This will take around 5 mins with and electric beater on high speed.
3.Then add sugar and beat for couple of minutes till the sugar dissolves.
4.Now add the entire flour and vanilla essence and beat for another one min till all the flour is mixed well.
5.Now pour the batter in the greased cake tin.
6.Keep an the cooker plate on the base of the cooker and light the gas stove in the medium mode.thats kind of pre heating.
7.Once the cooker is moderately hot,place the cake tin and close the lid.Keep the gas on low and cook it for 40-50 mins.
Keep checking after 30mins.Do not use the gasket and the whistle.Here is the slice of the cake.I drizzled some ready made chocolate sauce just to give an effect.
1.Always use an old pressure cooker if possible.
2.Do not use the whistle and the gasket.
3.Do not pour water in the cooker.We are not steaming instead use sand.
4.Always use an aluminium cake tin.

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