Paneer Pizza

I always wanted to bake pizza in my kitchen and today the dream has come true.This recipe is dedicated to nobody else..its for ME...MYSELF. I'm mad about Pizza, with loads and loads of cheese.I didn't knew baking a pizza will be such an easy task and believe me it will always taste best!!
Adapted from Raks Kitchen
For dough:
Flour-1 1/2 cups plus little for dusting
Dry active yeast-1 Tbsp
Sugar-1/2 Tbsp
Refine/Olive Oil-2 Tbsp
Hot water-1/4 Cup
Milk-1/4 Cup
Salt-3/4 tsp
For toppings:
Paneer Cubes-8-10
Capsicum chopped-1/2 Cup
Onion chopped-1/2 Cup
Frozen Corn-1/4 Cup
Tomato chopped-1/4 cup
Pizza Sauce-1 Tbsp
Tomato Sauce-1/2 Tbsp
Garam Masala Powder-1 Tsp
Tandoori Masala-1 Tsp
Mozzarella Cheese-To cover the pizza
(Use loads if you want it to be extra CHEESY :-))
Salt-As per taste
1.Add the hot water to a mixing bowl.To this add milk,oil,sugar and salt.Mix till the sugar dissolves.

2.Add yeast to this and keep aside for 10-15mins to ferment.

 3.Add flour to the mixture and mix well.
4.Without adding water,make a dough out of it.
 5.Cover it with a wet kitchen towel and let it sit in a warm place for 1-2 hours.The dough has to double.
6.Now roll out the dough like below and prick it with a fork.Also,fold the ends and the put it in a greased baking tray.

7.Mix both the sauces and apply it on the pizza.Then arranged the veggies and the paneer and finally sprinkle the powdered masalas and the salt.
 8.Finally cover it up with grated cheese.And bake it in a preheated oven for 15-20mins at 210C

 Enjoy HOT!!!!

1.In addition to mozzarella cheese you can use Parmesan cheese as well.
2.The thickness of the roll out pizza should be 1-1.5 inch.
3.I used Maggi pizza Sauce.
4.Please make sure the yeast ferments otherwise there is no point to proceed.



This special Mithai is dedicated to my mother.She loves it and i just wanted to a try it out before she comes to my place.When dad called me up last week and informed me about their plan to visit us(Going to be the first visit after my marriage!) i made up my mind to make this one.Now i can surprise her as my first attempt was pretty decent to look at and tastes yummy.And the next try out will be Imarti/Amriti (The fatter version of Jalebi) which is my dad's favorite :-)

Adapted from Sharmilee's Blog
Makes 10
Maida-1 1/2 Cups
Butter-1/4 Cup
Curd-2 Tbsp
Baking soda-1/2 Tsp
Sugar-1 Tsp
Water-1/4 Cup
Oil-1.5 Tbsp +for deep frying
For Sugar Syrup:
Sugar-1/2 Cup
Water-3/4 cup
Saffron Strands-2 (optional)
Cardamom/Elaichi Powder-1/2 Tsp
Lemon Juice-3/4 tsp

* Use butter at room temp.
* I needed a Tbsp of water more to knead my dough
* Instead of saffron strands you can use a pinch of orange color
* Lemon  is added in order to avoid crystallization.
* There should not be any crack in the rolled out dough balls.
1.Melt the butter and pour it in a mixing bowl.Now add curd,oil,sugar and soda and mix well.

 2.This is how it should look,a creamy texture.
3.Now add maida and mix well.

 4.This is the how it should look like.

 5.Now add water and knead it well.By saying well, i mean to say a soft dough.But it should not be sticky.
6.Now roll out the dough into 10 balls and allow it to stand for some time.

 7.Meanwhile prepare the sugar syrup to a single string consistency and then add the saffron/orange color and finally the lemon.

8.Now make the swirls out of the 10 ball sized dough.You an keep it simple by simply flatten it and keeping it round.
9.Heat the oil till it reaches the correct stage.To check for the correct stage,just add a pinch of the dough.If it rises up immediately,then that is it.Perfect!!!Add 2-3 badushas in the oil and immediately switch off the gas stove.
10.Now wait till the bubbles disappear in the oil.Should look the pic below.that doesn't mean the oil has cooled down.Once you see the bubbles disappear,switch on the gas and keep it at low.Now flip the these first set of badushas and let it brown on the other side. follow the same procedure for the remaining ones.
11.Drain it on a tissue and immediately transfer to the sugar syrup.Let it stand for 2-3 mins on both sides.The sugar syrup should coat well on both sides.That is it,its ready for consumption.
A yummy delicious look....


Tri Color Pudding

I got the idea of making this pudding when i saw the leftover Jelly in the fridge.This was made the day after Valentine's Day(although late to post!).It turned out to be really yummy.I got to know this when my hubby first finished his own share and then half of mine.Strawberries can be replaced with any other fruit of your choice.
Custard Powder-4 Tbsp
Sugar-4-5 Tbsp
Set Jelly-From half a packet
Chopped Strawberries-6-7
Full Cream-200ml
1.Prepare the custard as per the directions given on the packet.

 2.This is how it looks when cooled at room temperature.
3.Now take two glasses and make small pieces of the set jelly.

4.Pour the jelly first in the glass up to your desired height and quantity.

5.Then pour the custard and top it with cut strawberries.

6.Finally decorate it with whipped cream and a whole strawberry and keep it in fridge for 1-2 hours.

* The custard should be thick otherwise it won't set.You can add gelatin to the custard but i find it unnecessary.
*If you don't have Jelly then use crushed biscuit layer mixed with some melted butter.


Stir fry Vegetables

Stir fry veggies is tasty and healthy too.I made my healthier version by using very little extra virgin olive oil.It can be enhance by adding roasted peanuts or sesame seeds.Great as a side dish and colorful too.I didn't had yellow and red capsicum in my fridge otherwise it would have been great to look at.Regarding the issue of ajinomoto and whether to use it or not is still an issue.When I was in Master chef kitchen,Chef Kunal and Chef Ajay made us aware of it and also informed us that this particular chemical has never been allowed in Master chef Kitchen too!

Soft baby beans-10-12 Nos whole,both ends cut
Button Mushroom(Halved)-1/2 cup
Corn Kernels-1/4 Cup
Green Capsicum(long thin strips)-1/2 Cup
Carrot(long thin strips)-1/2 Cup
Crushed garlic-6-8 cloves
Oyster Sauce-1 Tbsp
Soy Sauce-1 Tbsp
Pepper Powder-1 Tsp
EVO Oil-1 Tbsp
Salt as per taste
1.Heat enough water in a big pan.Add little salt and add the whole beans and carrots together.

2.After a minute add the rest of the vegetables and let it simmer for another one minute.Switch off the gas and immediately strain the vegetables.Put cold water to reduce further cooking of vegetables.
3.Heat a wok.It should be sizzling hot.Add oil to it and coat it all over the pan.add the crushed garlic and followed by the veggies and slightly toss it.Add the sauces,salt and pepper powder and stir fry for another one minute.(I skiped ajinomoto due to its harmful effect.I never use it and don't keep it in my kitchen at all)
4.Remove from fire and serve HOT!!
1.Cut all the ingredients into even sized pieces.
2.Keep all the ingredients handy before you start.
3.The wok should be sizzling hot.Reduce the heat only while adding the garlic to stop it from burning.After adding the veggies,again turn on the gas to MAX.
4.You must stir continuously.A long handled wooden spoon is the best option.
5.In case if the veggies are not pre-boiled,then put the denser vegetables to the wok first followed by the lighter ones.Add the leafy vegetables like Pak Choi,spring onions and sprouts at last.


Strawberry Mirror Cheesecake

On Valentine's Day, I went out to get a gift for my hubby. I went to two or three shops to get something like Coffee Mug, Perfumes and Wallets etc. but actually picked none as I wanted to gift him something nice and creative. While coming back, fresh Strawberry Packets caught my eyes. And there I made up my mind to make this “Strawberry Mirror Cheesecake”. I decided to add Jelly on top as he loves jelly. At the tick of clock at 12, when I presented it before him he whispered something in my ears….Guess??? Guess…????
“Thank you so much" :-)
Britannia cream cheese-250gms
Fresh Cream-250gms
Powdered Sugar-85gms
Vanilla Essence-1 Tsp
Digestive Biscuits-125gms
Melted Butter-50gms
Gelatin-2 1/2 Tsp
Hot water-3 Tbsp
Weikfield Jelly (Strawberry Flavor)-1 Packet
20 cm spring cake tin

1.Put the biscuits in a zip lock pouch/bag and crushed with a rolling pin.The best way is to roll it the way we do to make a Chappati.
2.Melt the butter and pour it over the crushed biscuits.Mix it well.

Should look like this after mixing the butter.
3.Now add this mixture to the base of a Base open cheesecake tin.Use the back of a spoon to smoothen the surface.Chill it in the fridge for an hour.
Note:Do not press too hard otherwise the crust of the cake will be hard and will be difficult to slice the cake.
4.Soften gelatin with said amount of hot water and keep it warm by keeping this bowl over another boil filled with hot water and now stir continuously till the water look transparent.

5.Now beat well the fresh cream,strawberries,cream cheese,sugar and vanilla essence to make a smooth pink puree.Add the gelatin mixed water to this puree and beat again.
6.Pour the puree on biscuit layer and keep it refrigerate for an hour.
7.After an hour take out the tin and arrange the sliced strawberries on top and again refrigerate for an hour.
8.Prepare a packet of jelly as per the instruction given on the packet.Let it cool at room temperature for around 2-3 mins.Do not let it stand for too long otherwise it will solidify.
9.Pour the jelly mixture on top of the decorated sliced strawberries and let it chill in the fridge for another one hour or so.
10.Before unmoulding let it stand in room temp for 5-10mins.

* I used 1 1/2 packet of Britannia Nutri Choice.
* The entire jelly was not used in this recipe.I used the left over jelly to make a yummy pudding.Will post the recipe.
* Another way of making the middle cream cheese filling is below:
Puree strawberries and keep aside.Now beat the cream cheese till soften,then gradually add the sugar and beat till smooth.then gently add the soften gelatin,vanilla and strawberry puree.Then finally fold in the whipped cream.
* Preferably chill the cheese cake overnite.
*Always use a sharp knife and always make sure to clean the knife with a paper tissue before the next cut.
* You can either use a spring form cake tin or a bottom open cake tin.


Farmer's Pie

Since past couple of days I wanted to bake a Pie. I made up my mind to go with Apple Pie but suddenly realize that my husband would love it if I make something savoury. He doesn’t have craze for sweets like me!!While surfing the TV channels I came across this easy Farmer’s Pie recipe. And immediately I hit my kitchen. When I searched about this recipe in Google, this is what I found. Sometimes called shepherd’s pie, it is a dish made with meat or poultry stew covered with mashed potatoes then baked until the top of the layer of mashed potatoes is lightly browned. It is always interesting to mix different meats and try them with different sauces. Farmer’s pie is also a nice alternative for serving mashed potatoes instead of as the usual side dish for fried or grilled meat or chicken.
Adapted from Vicky Ratnani's show "Vicky Goes Veg"
Chicken Mince-200gms
Chopped Beans-1/4 Cup
Chopped Carrot-1/4 Cup
Canned Corns-1/4 Cup
Chopped Mushrooms-1/4 cup
Chopped Capsicums-1/4 Cup
Chopped Onion-1 Medium size
Ginger-Garlic Paste-1/2 tsp
Pepper powder-1/2 tsp+a pinch
Soya Sauce-1/2 Tsp
Oyster sauce-1/2 Tsp (Optional)
Olive Oil-1 Tbsp
Boiled Potatoes-3 medium size
Mozzarella Cheese-1/4 Cup
Salt as per taste

 1.Add oil to a heated kadhai. Add the chopped onions and ginger garlic paste and fry till its translucent.Then add the chicken mince to it.

2.When the mince is cooked properly and the remaining chopped veggies and fry till its done.

3.Now at this stage add the sauces,pepper powder and salt.And stir fry for a minute or two.

4.Remove from a kadhai and arrange it on a baking dish.
5.Now take mashed potatoes in a bowl and add salt,a pinch of pepper and grated mozzarella cheese to it.Mix well and fill it in a piping bag or plastic icing tube.
6.Let your imagination flows and make any design you like on top of the above mixture :-)
7.Bake it in a preheated oven at 180C for around 15mins or until the upper crust turns brown.
 Have a delicious piece of it or simply attack on the baking dish.