This special Mithai is dedicated to my mother.She loves it and i just wanted to a try it out before she comes to my place.When dad called me up last week and informed me about their plan to visit us(Going to be the first visit after my marriage!) i made up my mind to make this one.Now i can surprise her as my first attempt was pretty decent to look at and tastes yummy.And the next try out will be Imarti/Amriti (The fatter version of Jalebi) which is my dad's favorite :-)

Adapted from Sharmilee's Blog
Makes 10
Maida-1 1/2 Cups
Butter-1/4 Cup
Curd-2 Tbsp
Baking soda-1/2 Tsp
Sugar-1 Tsp
Water-1/4 Cup
Oil-1.5 Tbsp +for deep frying
For Sugar Syrup:
Sugar-1/2 Cup
Water-3/4 cup
Saffron Strands-2 (optional)
Cardamom/Elaichi Powder-1/2 Tsp
Lemon Juice-3/4 tsp

* Use butter at room temp.
* I needed a Tbsp of water more to knead my dough
* Instead of saffron strands you can use a pinch of orange color
* Lemon  is added in order to avoid crystallization.
* There should not be any crack in the rolled out dough balls.
1.Melt the butter and pour it in a mixing bowl.Now add curd,oil,sugar and soda and mix well.

 2.This is how it should look,a creamy texture.
3.Now add maida and mix well.

 4.This is the how it should look like.

 5.Now add water and knead it well.By saying well, i mean to say a soft dough.But it should not be sticky.
6.Now roll out the dough into 10 balls and allow it to stand for some time.

 7.Meanwhile prepare the sugar syrup to a single string consistency and then add the saffron/orange color and finally the lemon.

8.Now make the swirls out of the 10 ball sized dough.You an keep it simple by simply flatten it and keeping it round.
9.Heat the oil till it reaches the correct stage.To check for the correct stage,just add a pinch of the dough.If it rises up immediately,then that is it.Perfect!!!Add 2-3 badushas in the oil and immediately switch off the gas stove.
10.Now wait till the bubbles disappear in the oil.Should look the pic below.that doesn't mean the oil has cooled down.Once you see the bubbles disappear,switch on the gas and keep it at low.Now flip the these first set of badushas and let it brown on the other side. follow the same procedure for the remaining ones.
11.Drain it on a tissue and immediately transfer to the sugar syrup.Let it stand for 2-3 mins on both sides.The sugar syrup should coat well on both sides.That is it,its ready for consumption.
A yummy delicious look....

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