Perfect Sandwich

While travelling in one of the domestic flight, I ordered a sandwich and came across this recipe printed on the pack. I found it really sweet and hence sharing it in my blog. It goes like this.

In a big crystal bowl, mix a spoonful of your sweetest memories with two cups of projects for the future. Stir in a handful of dreams, a tablespoon of happy thoughts and keep blending until you get an even mixture. Add a glass of joy, a few drops of funny stories and a pinch of your biggest accomplishment. Cover the bowl with a handmade lace cloth and let the dough rest under a star shaped cloud for twenty exciting minutes, then transfer it into a golden pan and cook it under the sun of a nice springtime Sunday.
Chill for ten minutes with marine breeze. Garnish with flakes of your favorite melody and serve with the warmest of smiles.

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