Stir fry Vegetables

Stir fry veggies is tasty and healthy too.I made my healthier version by using very little extra virgin olive oil.It can be enhance by adding roasted peanuts or sesame seeds.Great as a side dish and colorful too.I didn't had yellow and red capsicum in my fridge otherwise it would have been great to look at.Regarding the issue of ajinomoto and whether to use it or not is still an issue.When I was in Master chef kitchen,Chef Kunal and Chef Ajay made us aware of it and also informed us that this particular chemical has never been allowed in Master chef Kitchen too!

Soft baby beans-10-12 Nos whole,both ends cut
Button Mushroom(Halved)-1/2 cup
Corn Kernels-1/4 Cup
Green Capsicum(long thin strips)-1/2 Cup
Carrot(long thin strips)-1/2 Cup
Crushed garlic-6-8 cloves
Oyster Sauce-1 Tbsp
Soy Sauce-1 Tbsp
Pepper Powder-1 Tsp
EVO Oil-1 Tbsp
Salt as per taste
1.Heat enough water in a big pan.Add little salt and add the whole beans and carrots together.

2.After a minute add the rest of the vegetables and let it simmer for another one minute.Switch off the gas and immediately strain the vegetables.Put cold water to reduce further cooking of vegetables.
3.Heat a wok.It should be sizzling hot.Add oil to it and coat it all over the pan.add the crushed garlic and followed by the veggies and slightly toss it.Add the sauces,salt and pepper powder and stir fry for another one minute.(I skiped ajinomoto due to its harmful effect.I never use it and don't keep it in my kitchen at all)
4.Remove from fire and serve HOT!!
1.Cut all the ingredients into even sized pieces.
2.Keep all the ingredients handy before you start.
3.The wok should be sizzling hot.Reduce the heat only while adding the garlic to stop it from burning.After adding the veggies,again turn on the gas to MAX.
4.You must stir continuously.A long handled wooden spoon is the best option.
5.In case if the veggies are not pre-boiled,then put the denser vegetables to the wok first followed by the lighter ones.Add the leafy vegetables like Pak Choi,spring onions and sprouts at last.

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