Til Pitha

Today being 14th April marks Rongali Bihu.Well, again being away from my native place, I miss the celebrations a lot. I made the Til Pitha today just to cherish old memories. I must admit that making til pithas is really a tough job.We need to use only Bora Saul(Glutinous Rice) and the art of making the perfect pithas lies in our hands.And seriously, today when i tried the first one,i knew what kind of perfection it demands. Anyway i could make only few of them.Since we don't get ready made ones here, it was a nice experience to make some in the my own kitchen. Thanks to my mom for getting me the ingredients - Bora Saul, Black Til and Gur(Jaggery) from Assam.

Bora Saul(Glutinous Rice)-1 1/2 Cups
Black Sesame seeds(Til)-1/2 Cup
Gur/Jaggery-1/2 Cup or less
Water-To soak the rice

1.Soak the rice overnite and then drain the water in the morning.Keep aside for 2 hours.
2.Grind the rice without adding any water.
3.Sieve it to get fine powder.Grind the remaining rice.
4.Stack it in a bowl and make sure to cover it up otherwise it will become dry.
5.Slightly roast the sesame seeds in medium heat.Turn off the gas when a rice aroma comes.Let it cool.
6.Grind it to a powder.It will be slightly coarse in texture.
7.Now add the jaggery,please be careful with the portion of jaggery.Add little jaggery first and taste for the sweetness after the first grind.
8.This is how the jaggery til mixture will look like.
9.Spread the rice flour to form a chapatti like shape.Please be quick as the rice immediately stick to the tawa.
10.Spread the til gur mixture in the middle.
11.Roll it from one side to give a shape like below.
12.Make the rest of the Pithas.

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