Rawa/Sooji Ladoo

Today since morning i wanted to cook something with suji(semolina).Early morning i thought of making upma but dropped the plan as my hubby would have killed me.Last week i prepared upma twice and  rava dosa once (suji ka papra).So by afternoon i made  up my mind to make a Sooji Cake or a delicious Basbousa. Basbousa is a sweet cake made of semolina or farina soaked in sugar-rose syrup.But unfortunately i had to drop the plan of making either of these as some of the ingredients were not available.Hence finally i prepared delicious and my all time favourite "Sooji ke Ladoos" or Rava ladoos.

  • Rava / Semolina - 1 cup
  • Sugar - 1 cup
  • Ghee - 1/4 cup
  • Milk - Required for binding
  • Cardamom - 2 Nos
  • Cashew nuts, raisins and pista - Handful and chopped into small pieces.
  • Method:
  • 1. Heat a pan and add the rava,reduce flame and roast the rava until a nice aroma comes.Make sure not to burn the rava.To ensure this,keep stirring continuously.
  • 2. Cool down and grind it into a very fine powder using mixer.
  • 3. Grind the sugar into a very fine powder as well,along with elachi.Transfer the powdered rava and sugar to a large bowl.
  • 4. Warm the ghee in a kadhai and slightly fry  the broken dry fruits in it.Add these to the rava and sugar mixture.
  • 5. Sprinkle the milk and mix thoroughly.
  • 6. Make small balls out of this mixture immediately,roll it tight,if you could not roll and the mixture is too dry,sprinkle more milk or add more warm ghee to it and make balls again.
  • 7. Ladoos are ready to be enjoyed.

  • Precautions:
  • * Make sure to grind the suji finely otherwise it will be difficult to give a round shape to it.
  • * Use only warm ghee.
  • * Add milk as and when required.