Well I want to start my own blog to share a lot of things related to cooking. I started cooking when I was in class 6th.Maa taught me the basics like Tea, Dal and rice. Then gradually after few years I tried my hands on other things like chicken curry, fish curry and desserts. I remember the day when I baked my first cake. It was a disaster. I added a lot of baking powder and it was a total flop!
But then after couple of months, I prepared Gulab Jamuns and thank god it was little better. It wasn't that yummy as it is of my Aunt’s (Kiran Borma).Then later i tried my hands on bread gulab jamun, gajar ka halva, suji ka halva, atte ka halva and many more. During those early days I wasn't exposed to either TV or internet. Whatever I learned was from my mom, aunt and others.